14 Super-Comfortable Workout Jackets That Go Past Your Butt

3 weeks ago

When you’re working out in cold temperatures, longer running jackets might be just what you need to stay warm and comfortable, whether you’re pounding the pavement or taking your dog for a walk.

Many running jackets, which tend to hit higher on your torso, can ride up when you get moving—leading to some uncomfortable drafts when the cooler air hits your skin. Finding a longer jacket for your workouts can prevent that.

“I like wearing lightweight jackets that are longer in the back especially when I’m working out. The ride-up of a jacket when you’re running can be so uncomfortable,” Lauren Klasik, certified personal trainer and indoor cycling instructor in Abington, Pennsylvania, tells SELF. “No one wants to have to pull it down every few seconds, plus when it’s a little chilly, it’s nice to have more coverage to keep you as warm as possible so you can enjoy your time outdoors.”

Also, some of us tend to feel more confident working out when we have a little more lower-body coverage. That extra length can come in handy during an extra-sweaty workout (especially if you plan on running errands after and don’t want to deal with visible sweat marks), or if you learned too late that your workout tights don’t pass the squat (or post-run stretch) test.

“Have you ever put on a pair of see-through leggings by accident?” Elena Green, a virtual fitness trainer in South Carolina, tells SELF. “The butt-length jackets are life savers.”

Here are 14 longer running jackets that will offer a little extra length for your workout.

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