2019 HOKA ONE ONE Spring Track & Field Training Week 11, Day 7: Sunday is a long day, a day to consider memories

3 weeks ago

The summer after my senior year in high school, I ran my first 10,000m. 25 laps on the track when my longest race until then was a 2 mile on the track. I ran it with Danny Grimes, a junior from Monta Vista High and my classmate, Bob Lucas. I had run the mile before and just counted my laps as Danny and Bob took off. The race was won by reknowned Lehigh school coach Homer Latimer, who won in 32:11. Danny was top high schooler in 33:53, Bob ran 35:30 and I finished in 36:58.

IMG_1161.jpgBen Rosario with Ben Bruce, USATF XC, photo by Justin Britton

I liked the distance and the tactics, running 4 times a year on the track at 10,000m a year for the next decade. I ran 30-35 races a year for a decade after high school. Each Sunday, the long runs allowed me to keep my endurance but also helped me figure out my life.

Do not miss your long runs. Give your mind and heart a fun day. Enjoy the long run.

Sunday, March 24, 2019-warm up, 75 minutes, cooldown

Tell me about your experiences, write me at [email protected].

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Time for spikes, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Week 11, 2019 Track buildup-time to get serious, racing is almost here

Monday-warm up, 40 minutes moderate run, back to the track, 16 times 150 meter stride outs, easy jogs between, core work, cooldown

Tuesday-warm up, 20 minute tempo run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 4 times 800m, 2 mile pace, 400m jog between, cooldown

Wednesday-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Thursday-warm up, 6x200m good effort, 200m jog btw each, 6x300m, good effort, 300m jog between each, 6x400m, 200m jog btw, 6x300m, good effort, 200m jog btw, 6x200m, 200m jog btw each, cooldown

Friday-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Saturday-warm up, Prime distance (1 race) and relay, if needed, cooldown

Sunday-warm up, 75 minutes, cooldown

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