Ahmedabad: Govt hospital nurse cuts baby’s thumb instead of bandage, case registered

3 weeks ago

A major case of negligence has surfaced from a government hospital in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, where a baby girl lost her thumb.

The five-month-old girl was admitted to Vadilal Sarabhai (VS) Hospital, which is considered as the lifeline for the poor in Ahmedabad, as she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

However, the day she had to be discharged the nurse was removing the needle in her left arm, and while cutting the bandage she cut the baby’s thumb along with it.

The five-month-old, who was to celebrate her first Eid on Wednesday, was brought to the hospital by her parents as she had cold and cough. A doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia and admitted her to the hospital.

When the baby had to leave the hospital, her doctor told the nurse to take out the needle puncture in her arm used for the injection.

Currently, the girl has been admitted for treatment in the pediatric department of the hospital.
However, her parents are furious because of the hospital’s negligence.

Farhan Banu, the mother of the girl, said that on May 29, her baby was unwell and she came to the hospital to get her medicine and the doctor advised for her to be admitted. Banu said when on June 2, the baby’s finger was cut when she was being discharged. She added that usually scissors are not used to cut open a baby’s bandage.

Immediately after the incident, the hospital administration called for an operation and the girl’s thumb was put back.

The parents then went to the police and registered a case against the nurse and the hospital, which comes under Ahmedabad municipal corporation.

Before this case surfaced, in the same month the hospital had reportedly swapped dead bodies in the post-mortem room.

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