AI use in controlling weaponry in future will largely determine battle outcome — Putin

4 weeks ago

MOSCOW, December 21. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin is certain that the use of artificial intelligence in controlling weapons in the future will largely determine the way battles will pan out, he told an expanded meeting of the Defense Ministry’s Board Monday.

“Weapons and hardware with elements of artificial intelligence should be more actively integrated, tested and employed in combat training,” Putin said. He underlined that “such weapons boost the potential of units and formations manyfold not just today but will also largely determine the battle outcome in the near future.”

The leader noted that technical modernization of the army and navy requires introduction of new forms and means of field activity and called to develop warfare science. According to Putin, it is vital to not only study experience of modern armed conflicts and local wars but also make predictions for the future. “Particularly, considering emergence of weaponry based on new physical principles in certain foreign armies,” he underlined. The Russian president also emphasized that the Russian military are aware of this and work in this direction.

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