Beijing Issues Safety Warnings After Strong Winds Kill Four; Temperatures to Hit 35 Degrees

4 weeks ago

Beijing continues to be battered by gale-force winds, which since yesterday have uprooted trees, knocked down walls, and caused four fatalities across the city, as reported by The Paper.

Outer areas of the city including Tongzhou, Yanqing, Changping, Huairou, and Shunyi were hit with winds reaching 7 to 8 on the Beaufort scale (32-46mph). Other areas reported winds as high as 10 (55-63mph).

The four deaths occurred as the result of two separate incidences on Sunday. Three people were killed near Dongzhimen Bridge in downtown Beijing after being struck by an uprooted tree. Two of those struck died at the scene, while the third succumbed to their injuries while being treated in hospital.

In the second incident, a delivery driver died after being struck by a tree at Baizhifang Xijie in Xicheng District. The man was later confirmed to have been working for the food delivering platform Meituan.

The strong winds also caused havoc to Beijing transport, grounding 51 outbound flights at Beijing International Capital Airport and delaying the arrival of at least two trains.

All kindergartens and middle schools across the city have suspended outdoor activities, including flag-raising and morning exercises, as per a warning announced by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission on Weibo this morning.

The strong winds aren’t forecasted to abate until late this evening, according to the weather broadcasting website Weather China.

Members of the public are advised to keep outdoor activities to a minimum and to avoid walking underneath hanging signs, large trees, and temporary construction or scaffolding. People are also advised to avoid walking down narrow alleyways in the event that you need to evade falling objects. Additionally, forest fires warnings remain in place in Beijing and outlying areas, with winds and dry weather exacerbating the risk of fires.

Beijing will also see temperatures rise in the wake of the windy weather, with highs of 35 degrees Celcius predicted from Wednesday through to Saturday.

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Photos: IC via China Daily,163.comWeather China

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