Beijing Pics: North to South, Day to Night Around Ancient Yongdingmen

4 days ago

In this column, Beijing Pics of the Week, our in-house photographer and lao Beijinger Uni You presents a selection of his photographs from around the capital over the last week.

For years, I had simply driven past Yongdingmen (永定门) without stopping, barely giving the site of the Ming Dynasty era entrance to the city more than a glance. However, on one recent autumn day, I finally stopped, grabbed my camera, and took in the reconstructed former front gate of the old Beijing city wall properly for the first time. These quiet, contemplative images reflect the calm atmosphere and feelings of nostalgia that the site evoked.

It’s a very quiet place, not like Tiananmen Square, and there’s no need to show the ID when you enter… I stood watching the Beijing daye (大爷) flying their kites. I also scoped out a spot at the corner tower of the Forbidden City for the first time, a popular location for budding and professional photographers alike. There are also opportunities to capture the nearby white pagoda as well as the boaters who float along languidly in Beihai.

All in all, these make Yongdingmen a tranquil and serene area to wander through, taking in the sights of Imperial China as well as ancient pastimes still enjoyed by locals today.

See more of You’s pictures from around Beijing by clicking here.

Photos: Uni you

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