Beijing’s Youngest COVID-19 Patient Makes Full Recovery

1 week ago

Beijing’s youngest COVID-19 patient, a nine-month-old little girl the media is calling Qiqi, was released from Ditan Hospital yesterday morning along with her mother and sister, all cleared of the virus.

The mother of the two children is one of a family of seven who had visited Beijing for vacation from Wuhan, during which time three of them fell ill, according to Beijing News.

Both Qiqi and her mother entered the hospital on Jan 26. Qiqi’s older sister contracted the disease and was placed with them in the same hospital room on Feb 1. The children’s father also contracted the disease but was treated and released last week from another Beijing hospital. In total, mother and little Qiqi spent 19 days in the hospital, while her sister spent 13 days in treatment before being released.

Due to the delicate nature of the child, hospital staff had to employ special techniques in extracting blood samples required for diagnosis, by drawing the samples from Qiqi’s inner thigh, while striving to do all the tests necessary with as little blood as possible.

Qiqi and her family received a standardized antiretroviral therapy specific to the COVID-19 virus which saw the full recovery of both Qiqi and the rest of her family members. Just the shot of good news we needed.

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This article was originally published on our sister site beijingkids.

Photos: Tembinkosi Sikupela (via Unsplash), ECNS

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