Can These Cutesy Beijing Vloggers Sell You On Pungent Century Eggs?

1 week ago

Are you a lover or a hater of century eggs, the Chinese staple rendered dark, gooey, and pungent through preservation? Well, burgeoning Beijing expat vloggers Yvonne Horst and Miguel Roberg are here to at least give those oh-so divisive eggs the old college try in their latest clip.

Roberg (an American) and Horst (who is Dutch) have been in China for nearly a decade and recently began vlogging via their Trip Bitten YouTube channel. In comparison to many fair-weather vloggers, their clips are polished and professional and touch upon topics that range from travel to exotic food to more practical matters like Beijing’s cost of living.

Although they are fairly new to vlogging, with only a handful of clips amassed on their YouTube channel thus far, the videos are a fun and aesthetically pleasing source of information about traveling in Asia, exploring the world of offbeat snacks, and daily life in Beijing, making us look forward to what they come up with next.

To shoot their videos, Roberg tells the Beijinger that he and Horst use a Canon G7X camera (“only about USD 600, but the quality is good”), before editing them with Adobe Premier.

Their latest video, titled “Eating a Century Egg for the first time!” is endearing look at one of China’s most notorious foods. In it, Roberg attempts to maintain an open mind while explaining what he knows about the preparation, appearance, and smell of century eggs, before slicing one open to the exclamations of Horst. To find out whether or not they have acquired a taste for these prized eggs, check out the clip here.

“One of the things I like most about making Beijing and China [themed] videos is the comments I get from people around the world,” Roberg says. “Many people from the US don’t know much about China, and making videos and showing people my life here is fun.”

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