Creativity Needs Feedback

1 week ago

Coaching in the Trenches With James Fitzgerald

Creation means nothing, unless there’s a feedback loop on what you’ve just created.

If I create something that inspires a million people, that’s something that’s worthy. Right? Because I was not only looking to try to inspire, I was vulnerable in trying to get a feedback loop as to how I shaped those people’s minds, based upon what I created? Do you see that? So, creation has to have … I don’t know how to say it. There has to be some kind of feedback loop to what you just created. And that’s why we love program design in fitness, because it’s our opportunity to paint the picture, and then we see how people purchase the picture, or do what they want to do with the painting.

Because it’s individualized, it’s customized, and it works really well for them. And we feel we sleep really well at night when we do that over and over.


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