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2 weeks ago

Chriselle INC was born in 2010, and to be honest, I wish I had a more interesting story about my vision for the company and the name when it all first started. What actually happened was my accountant suggested I should incorporate a name for tax purposes. It all started as a fun hobby and creative outlet on the side while I was still in school. At the time, I was studying merchandise marketing because I wanted to be a buyer back then. Though it still wasn’t  a “conventional” career, for me, it was the safest choice to get my foot into fashion.

While it might have looked like I had it all figured out then, there were a lot of behind the scenes work to get to the point where I could take my Blog and YouTube channel full-time. For about two years, I was in school while interning and just trying to figure it all out. Within those two years, I was able to turn my creative hobby into my full-time job. Slowly, but surely, this is when I started to hire and build my team which by now, you all know as the #CINCteam.

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