DJ Megastar Skrillex Set to Make Beijing Go “Bangarang” at Sir Teen on May 2

1 week ago

Brace yourself for some epic bass drops, Beijing party people, because the one and only DJ megastar Skrillex is set to rattle our eardrums and have us jumping at Sir Teen on May 2.  

The Gongti nightclub’s management told the Beijinger today that they have successfully booked the EDM megastar, known for smash singles like “Bangarang” and “Would You Ever,” not to mention collaborations with fellow big names like Diplo, Poo Bear, and even Justin Bieber (who Skrillex called a “f**king virtuoso” in one interview).

When you consider Skrillex’s star status both in the EDM world and as a crossover act (with more Grammys than any other producer in the genre to his name, and the second highest paid DJ after Tiesto), this is certainly a big score for Beijing. After all, our fair capital is far too frequently passed over by major touring musicians that would rather stopover in more club-friendly destinations Shanghai or Hong Kong. When it comes to dance acts, however, Sir Teen and its sister club One Third serve as aces up Beijing’s sleeve, luring other household EDM names like Deadmau5 and Major Lazer as of late, along with having a hand in local festivals headlined by the likes of Diplo.

The Sir Teen team say tickets will go on sale sometime in April, and we’ll be keeping our fingers firmly crossed until set night is upon us. That’s because although DJs seem largely unaffected by the visa issues and last-minute cancelations that plague touring bands (This Will Destroy You, Cloud Nothings, and Gang of Four, just to name a few of this year’s disappointments), in the fickle world of big-name acts in Beijing, you never know what may happen.

While you join us in holding out hope, bob your head to one of Skrillex’s mind-bending sets from his current tour via Youku here.

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