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Sebastian Vettel refused to explain why he told Ferrari he wanted to “speak after” with them at the end of his qualifying run.

Vettel had been quickest in Q1 and Q2 but qualified second behind team mate Kimi Raikkonen. His only remark on the radio after qualifying was “speak after”, when told Raikkonen had beaten him to pole position.

“Clearly I wasn’t happy but I don’t tell you why,” he told media when asked about his message in the press conference after qualifying.

Pressed again for an explanation Vettel said: “I don’t tell you. That’s the same question as I had before. Sorry.”

Raikkonen had the benefit of running behind Vettel during their final attempts in Q3, giving him the benefit of his team mate’s slipstream. Vettel said it was Raikkonen’s turn to follow.

“We have an order that changes every weekend and this weekend it was Kimi to go second. Simple.”

Vettel’s final lap in Q3 was “not tidy”, he admitted. “I think the other laps were actually better.

“I lost a bit in the first chicane, the second chicane, the Lesmos, pretty much a bit everywhere. I think the last sector was OK but also not fantastic. It was just not a good lap and not good enough. Obviously lucky to get second instead of third but… Just not good enough.”

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