Frank Lampard and Eddie Hearn discuss their school days together, reflect on shared ‘Jack the Lad’ upbringings

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Frank Lampard and Eddie Hearn have become majorly influential figures in British sport as their careers have progressed over the past 20 years.

However, not many realise that the Chelsea manager and boxing promoter both started out in the same surroundings at Brentwood School in Essex.

Lampard is now manager of Chelsea

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Lampard is now manager of Chelsea

As a result, Hearn recruited Lampard to be a guest on the latest episode of his podcast No Passion No Point.

Hearn began: “I wanna go back to school Frank. I often think about, although you’ve gone to unbelievable heights, we both had the pressure of a successful father.

“And obviously growing up in that figure of trying to outperform them.

“But when you look back at Brentwood School, what do you look at your experiences as and what kind of kid do you think you were growing up then at school?”

Hearn promotes some of the biggest names in world boxing

Hearn promotes some of the biggest names in world boxing

Lampard replied: “I’ve got great experiences of Brentwood and I loved the school, I think it’s a great school.

“It really holds a big place in my heart because however much I made it in the football world, I always talk to young players now about the importance of education.

“I certainly feel fortunate that my parents were in a position to give me that education, without a doubt.

“But, as I grew up, weekends would be playing football with my mates in the Sunday team, I had some local mates.

“My dad was from Canning Town, which is quite a tough area, so he was very pushy, very driven with me.

Lampard won everything with Chelsea

Lampard won everything with Chelsea
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“And then when I went into school it was like a different kind of a bubble. It was a bit softer in its way.

“Pushed very well in the education and manners and trying to do the right thing. We’d sit in church and sing hymns around Christmas time and all that stuff.

“It was a different set to what I had at home. When I look back I actually feel a little bit fortunate for that because I saw both sides.

“Not to say my dad and my parents didn’t make me act in the right way. They did. But it was a different school of thought and a different school of education so I kinda got both sides I think.”

Hearn represents Anthony Joshua

Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Hearn represents Anthony Joshua

Hearn added: “I think we were similar – parents coming out of the East End – we were different [from the others] at that time at that school.

“You look at it now and it’s full of people like that.

“But I remember I was brash. I actually look back at myself and think, ‘Bloody hell.’

“If I went there now I’d actually want to give myself a slap, you know what I mean?

“And we were a bit different, a bit more ‘Jack the Lad’. We weren’t the normal kind of clientele at Brentwood School as well.

“But the thing that fascinates me now is you were always a good player, but no-one ever expected you to reach the heights that you did, even at school.

Lampard looked sharp as a child

Lampard looked sharp as a child

“You know sometimes you just look at a player and think, ‘They’re just a genius.’

“I always remember you staying after school, your old man would take you onto the field doing shuttle runs.

“I used to leave school and see you out there working. Was that part of the mindset that he built into you?

“Was it always your mindset to go on and play football? Because you’re well educated and I remember you were actually a good student Frank. You done a lot better than me, you actually had a brain.”

Hearn had interest in boxing from an early age

Hearn had interest in boxing from an early age

Lampard responded: “I think you done alright as well.

“I agree with what you were saying about the ‘Jack the Lad’ thing. It’s funny, you don’t even realise that at the time.

“You’re a kid, you’re growing up, so you act as you feel you should do. I remember you showing out as that a little bit and being a bit confident.

“And I remember my sort of young, alpha male head going, ‘Yeah, my dad, blah blah blah.’

Lampard’s dad made over 500 appearances for West Ham

Lampard’s dad made over 500 appearances for West Ham

“But I do think we were both pretty good boys and I think the school promoted that.

“I was a decent student, I didn’t find it easy to achieve As or whatever, but I was attentive, I wanted to make my teachers happy.

“That was the one good trait I had, I wanted to listen and try and do my best.

“So I got decent grades as I came out of school, and I feel like a good education.

“But the football one, I agree with you, I didn’t ever feel like I stood out a million miles.

Barry Hearn promoted Chris Eubank


Barry Hearn promoted Chris Eubank

“I always played above [my age]. I remember getting in the first XI, playing with the upper sixth form when I was in fourth year.

“I was a left back at the time so they kind of squeezed me in. But it wasn’t like I was dribbling past everyone and doing a million things.

“I was actually in the first XI at cricket before I was football.

“But I did have the work ethic, and when I look back I had a real desire to be the best. It definitely came a lot from my dad.”

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