Government should use e-vehicles, provide subsidy on electric cooking appliances, not LPG, says Nitin Gadkari

1 week ago

In order to reduce the country’s dependence on fuels like petrol and diesel, Union Minister for Roads and Transport Nitin Gadkari has advocated for greater use of electric vehicles. Gadkari further insisted on making use of electric vehicles mandatory for all government officials.

Gadkari also suggested that instead of providing subsidy on cooking gas, the government should provide subsidy on electric cooking appliances.

According to media reports, while speaking at the Go Electric Campaign, Gadkari said, “Why don’t we provide subsidy on electric cooking appliances. We already provide subsidy on cooking gas.” The motive behind Gadkari’s suggestion is two-fold. Firstly, it will decrease India’s dependence on gas imports and secondly, it will reduce the risk of pollution.

As fuel prices in India have been skyrocketing since the past few weeks, the onus of it is falling on the government. Therefore, Gadkari has suggested that all the Government Ministries and Departments should make use of electric vehicles mandatory. Gadkari has also appealed to Power Minister RK Singh to make use of electric vehicles in his department after which it will be made compulsory in other departments as well.

Gadkari stated that by using 10,000 electric vehicles in Delhi alone, we would be able to save Rs 30 crore every month. Power Minister RK Singh, who was also present at the event, announced a fuel cell bus service, which will run between Delhi to Agra and Delhi to Jaipur. The date for this service has not been announced yet.

On Friday (February 19), petrol prices in Delhi shot up to Rs 90.19 per litre while diesel is selling at Rs 80.60 per litre. Meanwhile, in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar, the price of petrol climbed to a whopping Rs 100.82 per litre and diesel soared to Rs 92.83 per litre.

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