Interview with Katrin Dorre Heinig and daughter, Katherina Heinig Steinruck

4 weeks ago

This sound cloud interview is a gem. I thought I had lost the audio.

I did the interview in October 2019, while at the Mainova Frankfut Marathon post event presser. I have to admit, that I wanted to interview these two individuals since I met them, about 5 years ago.

Why? I believe that the relationship between Katrin Dorre Heinig and her daughter, Katherine Heinig Steinruck is about the united Germany, a mother and daughter, and a coach and athlete, all at the same time. It is complicated, it is fascinating and it is also a modern lesson on how much modern humans should reveal into the modern world of media.

Heinigs.jpgKatherina Heinig Steinruck and Katrin Dorre Heinig, photo courtesy ©

I knew about Katrin Dorre Heinig since the 1980s. Katrin was one of the finest women marathoners in modern history. In competing in 3 Olympics, Katrin Dorre was 3rd in 1988, 5th in 1992 and 4th in 1996. She completed 45 marathons, won 24. Katrin Dorre won 3 Osaka Ladies marathons. She competed for both East Germany and the united Germany. Katrin Dorre set a PB at Hamburg in 1999, with a 2:24:35 time. Katrin Dorre competed 1984-2000, a long marathon and illustrious career.

In 1992, Katrin Dorre married Wolfgang Heinig, her trainer. They had a daughter, Katherina Heinig, who is the top German women’s marathoner. Wolfgang Heinig and Katrin Dorre Heinig are two excellent coaches. Wolfgang coaches Gesa Krause, the 2019 WC bronze medalist in the steeplechase and 2018 European champion.

Katherina is coached by her mother, Katrin. Katherina is a police officer, along with her husband. She has a world outside running.PBs for Katherina Heinig Steinruck includes a 2:27.26 marathon PB, set in 2019. In 2020, Katherina Heinig Steinruck set a 10k PB in 32:16.

I am fascinated with this dynamic. It is obvious that the affection between mother and daughter. It is obvious that the experiences that Katrin had with the media as Germany united has not been forgotten.

In this interview, one sees how mother and daugther interact, how coach and mother interact, and why I think that Katherina’s finest marathon has a potential medal in it. Times matter little to these two, but positions in a tactical championship event do.

Thanks to Katrin Dorre Heinig and Katherine Heinig Steinruck.

Thanks to the brother, Brian Eder on managing our audio podcasts and encouraging me to begin with runblogrun almost 14 years ago.

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