It’s things like this that give Karens a bad name

4 weeks ago

With the current coronavirus guidance urging people to stay home, one Burton-on-Trent council worker had a little bit of fun with an electronic road sign.

‘Swad’ stands for the nearby Swadlincote, in case you were wondering.

It might not be the most professional language, but it gets the message across – and it probably gave a few key workers a smile in all the grimness.

Not this Karen, though. An actual Karen – in both ways.


Someone shared this follow-up, which we can’t guarantee actually exists in the wild, but is still pretty funny.


The pictures made it onto the aptly named r/FuckYouKaren subreddit.

The council worker gained instant legend status.

That guy… That guy is a fucking G O D

1 karen: “Fire this guy!” entire rest of community: “give this man a raise!”

Even better than an actual Karen complained.

The hero we need but not the one we deserved. What a legend.

But as for the Karen …

If your name was actually Karen wouldn’t you be much more cognizant at this point that having your big stupid temper tantrums is not a good look?

Forget the manager, this ones going all the way to the COUNCIL

To sum up –

The Karen karen’ed herself


Author Julie Bindel said calling people ‘Karen’ was sexist and classist – not the only 5 replies you need but they’re a start

Source Reddit Image Facebook, Brett Sayles on Pexels

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