Join These Upcoming Webinars to Defeat Quarantine Laziness and Loneliness

2 weeks ago

Tired of the binge-watching? Exhausted Netflix? Maybe it’s time trade in the TV time for some self-improvement-and-chill. 

Real-life events are still off-limits, but that just means that it is easier than ever to attend a lecture or seminar, because they have all gone online. Plus, they’re all free, so if you’ve got Zoom and Wi-Fi, then you have no excuses to miss these upcoming opportunities to learn, build your network, and grow your skillset.

Thursday, Mar 26

Catch the Future With Startup Grind China
Startup Grind events are a great opportunity to make connections in Beijing flourishing startup community. In this online seminar, RÉSO founder Cristie Z shares her experience related to merging a business online, consumer trends, and open market operation. 7-8.30pm.

From China to the US: Best Business Practice Sharing amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
Not all events put on by the American Chamber of Commerce are free (or even cheap, for that matter), so anyone interested in hearing from American businessfolk who have succeeded in China should leap at the opportunity to “attend” this two-day online event. Thu-Fri, 9-10.30pm.

Friday, Mar 27

The Impact of COVID-19 on Chinese Businesses and Economy
Whether you’re a business owner or an armchair economist, you can’t afford to avoid the questions that the coronavirus has forced so many in China and beyond to ask. Hosted by economics professor Li Wen and chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China Greg Gillian, this lecture promises to provide answers on how you can best predict the financial difficulties ahead. 9-10.40am.

Learn Chinese Folk Arts and Crafts With Cultural Keys
In the final part of their four-part series on aspects of traditional Chinese culture, Cultural Keys invites you to learn about the works that have busied the hands of many crafty and artistic people for hundreds of years. 10-10.45am.

Sunday, Mar 29

De-Risk Your Business Idea by YC Zhang
Perhaps you’ve spent your quarantine pacing up and down the room racking your brain for business ideas. After two months of solitude, you’ve finally got it! The million yuan idea. Now, you need investors. Join YC Zhang to learn how to make a successful pitch. 3-4pm.

Wednesday, Apr 1

Resilient Leadership in Times of Crisis
This event may take place on April Fool’s Day, but leadership is no joke. Learn from the experience of eight successful leaders in this Global Women Connect webinar that will inspire you to take charge and move forward during a crisis. 5-6.30pm.

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Images: Zoom, courtesy of the organizers

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