Maksim Nedasekau planning a full indoor season

2 weeks ago

Maksim Nedasekau .jpgMaksim Nedasekau, The Match, photo by World Athletics

I was able to watch Maksim Nedasekau win The Match, Europe vs USA, when Maksim went 2.35m to take the win. In Doha, a month later, Maksim was 4th in 2.33m.

Maksim Nedasekau 2.jpgMaksim Nedasekau, photo by European Athletics

MINSK (BLR): After a low-key summer season Maksim Nedasekau is planning a full indoor season ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, informs BFLA. “Now I’m making serious plans for the indoor season. I think I missed the past winter, but now I plan to take part in all the competitions. Those that will take place. However, it is still difficult to say how I will be able to prepare. I had a rather long break due to illness. I tried to train a little, but I couldn’t strain too hard. Hope I’ll be fine in winter,” he said.

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