People kept doing paintings of people holding paintings of this woman’s painting and it’s magnificent

3 weeks ago

This is harder to explain than it is to illustrate, frankly, so that’s (mostly) what we’re going to do.

It started when a schoolteacher in Florida, Cindi Decker, went to an art class and painted this rather lovely egret.

Her teenage son posted it on Reddit with the caption, ‘My mom painted this and said no one would like it. It’s her 2nd painting.’

It proved very popular, even moreso when a Swedish artist called Kristoffer Zetterstrand did a painting of Cindi holding her painting, if you see what we mean.

And then someone else did a painting of Kristoffer holding Cindi’s painting and, well, it just spiralled from there.

It really did.

It was highlighted by a chap on Twitter called Nick Kapur and went even more viral.

There is – click here to see how the whole thing happened.

And then this happened and we think we’re about to lose our minds.

To conclude …

Recursion (noun): The repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition


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