Sharper Eyes: Sharp Eyes Project Map (Part 2)

5 days ago

CDT would like to present an interactive map as part of our series on China’s “Sharp Eyes” rural surveillance program. This map, a work in progress that will be updated in the coming months, displays the sites of several projects, along with brief descriptions of the firms involved in each project, links to the tender documents that CDT editors and researchers used to verify them, and additional details when available. While this should not be viewed as a comprehensive map of all projects under the banner, it does serve as a visual illustration of the breadth of the CCP’s goals with this program.

To launch the interactive map, click on the image below:

Stay tuned for updates to this map. Version 1 of this map was posted on September 9, 2019.

Cindy provided research assistance on this map. See also Sharper Eyes: Surveilling the Surveillers (Part 1)

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