Tamberi in Czech Republic

3 weeks ago

Gianmarco Tamberi2.jpgGianmarco Tamberi, photo by fidal.it

Gianmarco Tamberi is not a Dadaist painter. Gianmarco is an Italian high jumper. When he cuts the beard partially, he is in shape!

Tamberi in Czech Republic

Gianmarco Tamberi1.jpgGianmarco Tamberi, photo by European Athletics

NEHVIZDY (CZE): The Nehvizdy Indoor meeting (WIT Bronze) will feature a strong men’s high jump in a sports hall which has no running track. European indoor champion Gianmarco Tamberi lines up after his recent 232 and 231, while Luis Zayas, his closest challenger in Banska Bystrica on Tuesday with 231, plus 236 Brit Chris Baker. The shot put has Bob Bertemes and Mostafa Hassan. Levern Spencer, Michaela Hruba and Tatiana Gusin headline the women’s high jump. Yaroslav Isachenkov and Neja Filipic are among those taking part in a mixed pairs long jump competition.

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