The 2021 ISTAF Dűsseldorf Indoor Meeting: Dina Asher-Smith takes 60m in Düsseldorf !

4 weeks ago

Dina Asher-Smith, Düsseldorf presser

EtET4VHXcAEwoBY.jpgDina Asher-Smith, Düsseldorf, photo 1 via TV by Stuart Weir

This is column 2 on Düsseldorf. It is about Dina Asher-Smith taking 60m in Düsseldorf. Stuart Weir did this column on

The ISTAF Dűsseldorf Indoor Meeting.

Dina Asher Smith

Dina Asher-Smith followed up Friday’s equal PR – 7.08m, just 0.02 off the British record – with a 7.12 victory in the final in Düsseldorf after a 7.15 prelim victory.

DAS 1.jpgDina Asher-Smith, Düsseldorf, photo 2 via TV by Stuart Weir

Switzerland’s Ajla del Ponte finished second this time as she improved her PR to 7.16. Two Germans, Jennifer Montag and Rebekka Haase ran 7.24 for third and fourth. Dez Bryant, the only American in the race was fifth in 7.28.

Asher-Smith commented afterwards: “It was good, it was OK. I am happy to be back running again. It has been quite a long time since my last race, in 2019. I am looking forward to the next ones.

DAS2.jpgDina Asher-Smith, Düsseldorf, photo 3 via TV by Stuart Weir

“I was very surprised how well I started the day before yesterday, in Karlsruhe. That was a shock because I knew I was in good shape but sometimes you take a bit of time to get warmed up. I was very happy to come out and run a 7.08 and I was happy to do some good performances here as well.”

DAS3.jpgDina Asher-Smith, Düsseldorf, photo 4 via TV by Stuart Weir

On her own Twitter account, she added: I took the win in Dűsseldorf. Pleased to have put together some strong performances over the past few days and end the racing drought! Now for a few days’ work and then onto Lievin. Thank you for all the support, seeing your tweets and picks made me smile. Loving being back.”

IMG_0523.jpgDina Asher-Smith, Düsseldorf, photo 5 via TV by Stuart Weir

John Mulkeen, (World Athletics) noted that this was Dina’s 21st sub 7:15 race over 60m. Not a bad number for someone who doesn’t race much indoors. Asha Philip has 17.

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