The cat’s nicked this dog’s basket and it’s a sad and very funny watch

1 month ago


Spare a thought for this dog who’s lost his basket to the cat and he’s got to make do with what’s left.

‘I lost it when he tried to lie down,’ said MrXx_xXXx_xX who shared it over on Reddit.

Poor Gordon.

‘I love how his face starts off with, “Look at this… Are you going to do something about this?” and then changes to total defeat. Meanwhile, the cat is over there grooming itself like it just hit the whirlpool at the Ritz.’ AngsterMusic

“You have the power to fix this, yet you sit there and do nothing.” ericisshort

“Worse than nothing… you mock me!” DragonflyGrrl


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Source Reddit u/MrXx_xXXx_xX YouTube

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