This covidiot’s comeback is not the glorious takedown they think it is

3 weeks ago

Of all the things that will change when Joe Biden takes charge at the White House, one of the most immediate will be the presidency’s attitude towards Covid-19.

The president elect won’t have the power to do anything until 20 January next year but he had a message for what people should do in the interim.

And it’s fair to say this anti-masker’s response isn’t quite the glorious comeback they think it is.

‘He might be onto something here,’ said h00nu who shared it on Reddit. And just a few of the things people said in response.

‘This is probably central to the reason why Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and other East Asian countries have weathered the pandemic better than nations where its not the part of the culture to wear isolation masks when one has even a cold.’ SeanFromQueens

‘I’ve got a friend in Taiwan. They resumed normal life in May (w/ masks) and it’s been…normal. She goes to galleries, events, school, etc. She’s mesmerized and ashamed when she hears what it’s like back home.’ Watershed787

‘I tell you hwat, I haven’t gotten my normal colds, flu, anything since I started wearing a mask in public. It won’t be as extreme as it was, but I’ll be thrilled to make this part of my post-COVID routine if it continues to cut down on me getting sick.’ chrisfarleyraejepsen

‘It is a wonderful unintended consequence of this plague the the flu numbers are way, way down. So, I probably will wear a mask now every time I feel sick. I have dozens of them, why not? I won’t go as extreme with self isolation, but I am afraid that some new habits are going to be here to stay.’ KerissaKenro

‘Honestly? I’ll probably wear them every winter when I’m healthy, too.’ maskedbanditoftruth


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Source Reddit u/h00nu

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