This dog playing a prank on his nosy siblings is just hilarious

3 weeks ago

This clip of a dog playing a prank on his nosy siblings is simply fabulous.

Wait for it, wait for it …


The clip went viral after it was shared by ShuckleMyBuckle over on Reddit and here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

‘Aww the little grey one tattled! He looks up like “Mooooommm did you see what he did?!” AustinTreeLover

‘Then he rubbed it in “I GOT YOU! I GOT YOU BOTH HA!!” heathpar23

“Mom. What’s this new kid doing? Are you sure you want to keep him…?” hopseankins

‘Think how bad it’ll be when they realize how big he will get. He’s gonna be triple their size before he’s even a teenager.’ NeverRelaventUser


‘When shovelling the driveway will take too long’

Source Reddit u/ShuckleMyBuckle

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