This ‘split or steal’ moment from ITV’s Golden Balls went viral all over again because it’s just … immense

4 weeks ago

It’s fair to say that probably not many people miss ITV’s Jasper Carrott gameshow, Golden Balls.

We’re not sure we ever saw it. But any TV show that can come up with a moment like this deserves to be remembered.

It’s the ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’ moment of the show when the two contestants choose, independently of each other, whether to split or steal the jackpot.

If they both choose split, they share the jackpot. If they both steal, they both lose the jackpot. But if one of them steals and the other splits, the stealer keeps the whole lot. Got it?

Just … awesome. They had to prize that poor chap’s head off the table with a car jack.


People are calling this the greatest ever round on ITV’s The Chase


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