This young dog helping an older dog play fetch wins ‘awww!’ of the day

3 weeks ago

This clip of two dogs playing fetch has gone viral on Reddit because it’s such a heartwarming watch.

Young dog lays toys for older dog so it can join the fetch,’ said GlobalSweet who shared it.

Hearts were melting everywhere …

‘You can tell the older doggo wants to play and is just hurting too bad to keep up with the younger one. This is the sweetest.’ ItsyBitsyStumblebum

‘My heart, I’m feeling.’ xpott91

‘Dogs are the best people.’ MelaniNewport

Except some people thought it was rather too good to be true.

‘Am I the only person who can see the young dog receiving commands from a person off to the left?’ ShambolicPaul

‘Very sweet .. but the younger dog is getting directed by someone off camera to the left.’ emmjaybeeyoukay

Well maybe, but just for today, we choose to believe …


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Source Reddit u/GlobalSweet YouTube

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