TV series show: Finding your soulmate through a DNA match

4 weeks ago

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From scenes of life under lockdown in France and a heartbreaking look at the 1980s AIDS epidemic, to worlds where science can match you with your one true love, critic Alison Sargent speaks to Eve Jackson about the best TV series of the moment. She tells us about “6 x Confiné.e.s” from French channel Canal+, a series of six short stand-alone episodes each written and directed by someone different, dealing with diverse subjects like electro DJs having a mid-life crisis, a struggling couple that makes money through online gaming, and sexual assault.


We also discuss the incredibly powerful show “It’s a Sin”, which follows a group of friends living in London during the 1980s AIDS crisis and is created by Russell T. Davies, who made the show “Queer as Folk” in 1999.

Plus we look at two shows that explore what would happen in a world where soulmates really existed and could be found using a scientific test: “The One”, based on a novel by John Marrs, and “Soulmates”.

The last show we talk about is a culinary kids’ show with former US first lady Michelle Obama alongside two puppets named “Waffles and Mochi”.

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