US Senate rules that Trump’s impeachment trial is constitutional

3 weeks ago

WASHINGTON, February 10. /TASS/. The Senate of the US Congress voted on Tuesday that the impeachment trial against former president Donald Trump is in line with the country’s constitution.

The vote was broadcast live by the Senate’s website.

A total of 56 senators voted to declare the impeachment procedure against the former president constitutional, while 44 voted against.

Trump’s impeachment trial

The US Senate commenced the second impeachment of now-former US President Donald Trump late on Tuesday Moscow time. The Senate hearing is being aired by US TV channels.

The process began on the vote on the resolution that defines the procedure format itself. The resolution was supported by 89 senators, while 11 voted against. This vote was de-facto formal, because the Democrats and the Republicans, as well as Trump defense, agreed with all clauses of the document.

On Wednesday, the prosecution and the defense will deliver their introductory speeches; after that, each side will be granted up to 16 hours to deliver their arguments, with an option for debates. Besides, the senators will be given a total of four hours to ask questions to lawyers and the prosecutors from the House.

Under the plea of one lawyer, the procedure will be suspended on Friday and will resume late on Sunday. If the sides decide not to summon witnesses, the impeachment procedure should wrap up next week, which is faster than the first impeachment of Trump last year.

If the senators approve Trump’s impeachment, the procedure will be followed by a vote to ban Trump from assuming state offices again.

At least 67 out 100 senators must vote in favor of the impeachment for it to take effect. According to the US media, the Dems currently fail to win the support of enough Republicans to achieve this goal. Experts believe that the Democratic Party will fail. Meanwhile, in order to ban Trump from running for presidency again, the Democrats will need a simple majority.

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