Wayde Van Niekerk may open at the Athletics SA’s Athletix Invitational Meet in Johannesburg…

4 weeks ago

IMG_0702.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, London 2017, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Wayde Van Niekerk is a once-in-a-generation athlete. He’s run himself so hard, he’s run himself into unconsciousness.

Watch Wayde the Dreamer run. Wayde gets a good starting, positioning himself through the first 100m, and as the Dreamer opens his stride in the second 100m, you know that you are seeing someone special. As Van Niekerk flies around the turn, you catch your breath, and go, what is he doing! The last one hundred meters is sharp, brutal, but also beautiful as the Olympic champion and world record holder destroys the field.

Now, Wayde Van Niekerk is doing something unique. He’s spent 28 months coming back from injury. How does one reach perfection twice?

That is what we are about to see with this tall, athletic South African who thanks to his creator with a sincerity that is unquestioned.

Will he make it all the way back? I hope so, but I am fascinated with watching and observing his journey…

JOHANNESBURG (RSA): Olympic 400m champion Wayde Van Niekerk could make his season’s debut at the Athletics SA’s Athletix Invitational Meet in Johannesburg on Tuesday, informs iol.co.za. Van Niekerk recently announced he was parting ways with his long-time coach Ans Botha to train with Lance Brauman in Florida but he is yet to receive clearance to travel to the United States. “It all depends on when we get Wayde’s clearance documents to travel to the US,” said his agent Peet van Zyl.

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