Why Should You Get Travel Insurance

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Everybody loves traveling, and while taking a trip is quite exciting, many of us forget the risks that come with it.

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Have you ever thought about what would happen if you get into an accident during one of your recreational activities? Or what might happen if you get really sick during the trip? Or what you’d do in case of extreme emergency? Or what might happen if you miss a flight?

This is why travel insurance is extremely important. All these worst-case-scenarios may seem like distant things that may never happen to you, but you never really know…

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Therefore, it’s very important that you educate yourself on what might happen to you and what exactly should your travel insurance cover. Read till the end to find how you can receive 1-YEAR COMPLIMENTARY travel insurance! Here’s everything you’ll need to know;

1. Missed Departure/Connection

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Have you ever tried to make sense of a foreign airport or any other travel facility? It takes a huge amount of time to get from one place to another. Sometimes, you also get stuck in transit and could even miss your connection.

Similarly, your journey could start-off on a bad foot and you might even end up missing your departure from the get go.

A good travel insurance policy covers these mishaps and gives you the financial means to go ahead with your plans anyway.

2. Diversion of Journey

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Sometimes, due to bad weather conditions or any other forms of accidents, your transport might have to diverge from the actual destination. In such cases, a good travel insurance policy can be your best bet in covering the cost of where you need to go from your new destination.

3. Delayed Baggage

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The baggage belt is usually a mess and it can take a lot of time to find your things. This can be a huge mess if your transit period is short. So make sure your travel insurance policy compensates for delayed baggage in both local and international carriers.

4. Accidental Death, Disablement, or Burns

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Now, these are the worst case scenarios. They are also the main parts of your travel insurance policy. So make sure that yours pays adequate monetary compensation in case of all these happenings. It may seem farfetched, but you never really know and it doesn’t hurt to be careful.

5. Extra: Free Policy Extensions

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All the aforementioned scenarios go from bad to worse, and here are a few extra scenarios where your travel insurance Policy should offer free extensions. In case of disappearance, drowning, motorcycling, or suffocation by smoke, poisonous fumes, or gas, you should be able to get policy extensions.

So these are some must-haves in your travel insurance policy. It’s always good to travel, but make sure your really do have a safe journey!

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*The complimentary travel insurance coverage includes the following benefits:
(a) S$ 50,000 sum assured for accidental death, accidental permanent disablement, accidental burn benefit and accidental death and permanent disability due to war
(b) Delayed departure up to S$ 400 (S$ 100 for each consecutive 6-hour delay)
(c) Delayed baggage up to S$ 400 (S$ 100 for each consecutive 6-hour delay, 6-hour delay both overseas and in Singapore when on a scheduled carrier)
(d) Diversion of journey up to S$ 400 (S$ 100 for each consecutive 6-hour delay)
(e) Missed departure or connection up to S$ 400 (S$ 100 for each consecutive 6-hour delay)

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This complimentary travel insurance is only given to the first 200 sign ups!

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

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