Yes, It Is Still Possible to Get Your E-Bike Registered. Here’s How

2 weeks ago

As we reported previously, starting from May 1 this year, unlicensed e-bikes that don’t meet specific standards in Beijing will be impounded and the owners will be fined RMB 1,000. It is now several days after the deadline, and traffic police have been out in force, stopping drivers of unregistered vehicles and fining them on the spot. 

We recently received a question about whether it’s possible to still register one’s e-bike if you missed the deadline, so we called the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau to find out, and the good news is that the answer is yes… if you have the required documents. 

Here are the three documents you will need to bring to the bureau in your area.

  • The purchase receipt for your e-bike
  • E-bike certificate of approval (e-bike CCC: e-bike China Compulsory Certification. Usually you get it from the store when you buy the bike.)
  • Make sure the e-bike is listed as qualified for a license. (You can put the type or brand of your e-bike to check on this website.)

For a detailed guide on how to apply for a temporary license, check our earlier post here.


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